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grill and gate maker, cement block, bricks, cement pipes, cotton mill and any other manufacturing business comes in this category.

Contact Person: Karanbhai Jogaaji Thakor

Contact Number: 1124367816

Full Address:
Nr. Anand Hotel, Thara - Sihori Highway, Thara

Contact Person: Kanubhai Bhogilala Thakkar

Contact Number: 9998228790

Full Address:
Old police station line, highway Road, Thara

Contact Person: Atulbhai

Contact Number: 9427086982

Full Address:

Contact Person: Jitubhai

Contact Number: 9925229877

Full Address:
Radhanpur Highway Road, Thara

Contact Person: Pravinbhai J. Panchal

Contact Number: 9998678885

Full Address:
Runi road, umiya masala ni same, thara